Automatic Barrier Gates

An Automatic Barrier Gate (ABG) is used at toll plazas to control traffic for the purpose of paying toll of all vehicles at pay axis. This electromechanical barrier is an electrically operated and motor and mechanical assembly. Boom mounting and movement can be adjusted left or right with protection against vandalism. The barrier gate is controlled by lane controller.

The tollMax® barrier gate provides a high level of reliability, robustness and low maintenance for optimal operations at toll plazas and highways which require a fast and efficient traffic management system. Some of the main features of tollMax® barrier gates are:

  • High Operating speed – 0.6/0.9 seconds
  • Designed for heavy duty operation – over 20,000 cycles/day
  • Suitable for both manual lanes and high-speed electronic toll collection lanes
  • Automatic opening/closing in the event of power failure
  • The boom arms of different lengths allow traffic barriers to meet any particular requirement such as parking and toll plaza
  • Dual speed of the barrier ensures quick opening and closing of the barrier with soft landing
  • Easy to operate through push button/remote control systems/magnetic loop sensors/ PC
  • Equipped with plug-in control board and balancing system already set
  • Boom mounting and movement can be adjusted left or right
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