Distress Management System

With millions packing modern cities and often living cheek by jowl, it has become imperative for city planners and administrators to provide for comprehensive distress management systems that can cope with both manmade and natural crises.

Be they natural disasters such as floods, cyclones and earthquakes, or manmade calamities such as terrorist attacks and violent crimes, or even accidental occurrences such as fire disasters, the need for swift and wholesome response is immense.

VaaaN’s Distress Management System (DMS) is a highly sophisticated mechanism that leverages state-of-the-art technology to confront, respond to, manage and analyze a large number and types of emergencies and threats to public safety and order.

Emergency Response

VaaaN’s unique digital response activation design employs an emergency number system accessible to the public initiating calls for service, dispatch and response management. It also has a provision to plug in GPS networks of rescue/relief vehicles which can therefore be tracked in real time as well as centrally directed to the needy.

The DMS is enabled to visualize patterns of various activities as well as map locations. Its hightech communications grid allows for quick and easy access to the incoming data from the complex multilayered geospatial emergency circumstances.

The DMS is also interoperable with various emergency providers and utilities such as the police, fire, and hospitals. It provides interlocking between the various communications grids of these agencies through the use of satellite based networks. Once an alert or alarm notifies the occurrence of an event, VaaaN’s DMS provides a quick succession of services such as notifications to agencies concerned triggering into action customized response plans that can be implemented with precision.

Key Features
  • Command/ control solutions
  • Intelligence data amalgamation and analysis
  • GPS tracking networking
  • Disaster management & surveillance
  • video/ audio analytics
  • Inter-agency real-time data sharing
  • Insights basis mission critical information
  • Faster event location/ mapping
  • Discovering shortest event-responder route
  • Optimizing resource/ response plan
  • CCTV/ mobile/ web integration
  • Multilingual adaptability
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