Integrated Surveillance & Monitoring

Citywide Coverage - Police-fire-hospital-emergency integration - 24x7 Live

Never before in human history has such a large slice of global population lived in the cities. By the middle of the 21st century, 3 billion more people will be added to the cities. Such a large urban population has already created unprecedented challenged for urban amenities, services and conveniences. Increasingly, law and order and crime management also assumes utmost significance with businesses and commercial establishments occupying large spaces in the urban areas.

City administrations across the world are constantly looking for smarter surveillance and monitoring infrastructural grids at yet lower costs of operation. Cities now compete with each other in offering the most technologically advanced secure environment for individuals and businesses alike to attract the best talent to take advantage of their services and choose to locate themselves and their businesses in.

Every Corner Covered

VaaaN’s Integrated Surveillance & Monitoring (ISM) System provides a comprehensive solution to securing and safeguarding cities and ensuring public safety.The ISM leverages the most modern technology, integrates systems, and shares information intra-organizationally among city administrations, police and other agencies.

Its application offers advanced automation that would enable a single human user to monitor activities in a large area through a network of video sensors/cameras.VaaaN’s ISM automatically collects and shares real-time information collected via applications that provide from perimeter security to people and vehicle movements.

Key Features
  • Time-stamped pictures of those entering/ exiting buildings
  • 24×7 monitoring/ analysis of video surveillance of occurring crimes
  • Detected vehicle/ people classification as humans, human groups, cars, trucks, etc. deploying shape and color analysis
  • Tracking geolocations of labeled entities basis image coordinates, including from two or more overlapping camera views
  • Remote management of camera sensors for pan, tilt, zoom
  • Live tracking of target object
  • Detection and deterrence of crimes in action
  • Both wired and wireless networking
  • Alarm trigger at restricted area violation
  • Resilient in disasters such as floods, earthquakes
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CCTV Surveillance

VaaaN’s ISM offers IP-networked video surveillance using an extensive citywide network of CCTVs. This enables faster detection and management of all kinds sudden occurrences, ranging from accidents to crimes.Such networks are customizable and scalable to fit any requirement, such as inside trains where hi-tech infrared cameras can scan and locate individuals, analyzing data intelligently and triggering alerts for the appropriate authorities.

Surveillance technology helps reduce and control illegal activities such as drug-running, street violence, vandalism, etc.The high-speed-moving, all-weather cameras adapt to changing light conditions inside as well as outside, also using night-vision using thermal/ infrared technologies.

Effective Usages
  • Crowd monitoring, especially at intersections
  • Traffic offense capture
  • Data collection on traffic patterns