Integrated traffic Management System

Modern traffic management is a highly evolved science. For decades, the ever burgeoning complexities of city traffic have challenged planners and policymakers to find yet smarter ways for both its macro and micro management. It has become increasingly incumbent upon traffic management solutions to offer mitigation for vehicular congestion, slower mobility, worsening road safety, and, importantly, a heavy toll on the environment due to broadening pollution. Systemic improvements to traffic management is the only answer to resolving the serious threat to the urban society’s dependence on transportation.

VaaaN’s Integrated Traffic Management (ITM) System provides a comprehensive solution to modern traffic management offering integrated and dynamic traffic management systems, including existing ones as well as new customized solutions.

VaaaN’s turnkey ITM solution includes planning, design, construction, installation and maintenance. Our expertise in delivering every phase of the project brings immense cost efficiency benefits for the client.

Key Features

VaaaN’s ITM sports a multi-modal traffic management with a clutch of distinctive attributes that make it industry’s best offering for traffic management. These include:

  • Automatic signal control
  • Separate pedestrian signal
  • Area traffic control
  • Corridor management
  • Dynamic traffic indicator
  • Motorway management
  • Incident management
  • Toll collection
  • Route guidance
  • Messaging
  • Road monitoring/ data gathering

ITM Benefits
  • Safety maximization
  • Congestion minimization
  • Information dissemination on traffic, road, weather, etc.
  • Scalable from local to regional and nation
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