Smart Card & e-Governance & Cloud Integration

Digital technologies have revolutionized delivery of public services across the world. E-governance is at the heart of this revolution and the delivery of e-governance by interconnecting the government and citizens through ICT solutions is its epitome.

Smart Card & E-governance

E-governance is the power provided to the government and citizens through information and communication technological solutions, including chip-based and biometric attributes, enabling both online and offline electronic interactivity.

VaaaN’s Smart Card/E-Governance information integration system covers thousands of government service deliveries including:

  • Electricity/ water
  • Education
  • Healthcare
  • Transport and traffic
  • Land registry
  • Population, including birth and death records
  • Agricultural services
  • Surveys
  • Passports
  • Driving licenses
  • Voter ID
  • Income-Tax PAN
  • PDS

VaaaN’s technology is fully geared to meet the requirements of the Indian Government and its various agencies for issuing smart cards with unique digital identification for every cardholder, and seamlessly integrate into e-governance across public services.

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