Smart Cities

The world may find it easier to describe a smart person. But what would constitute a smart city? That answer can now be described by looking at the services offered by VaaaN. A smart city is one that has seamlessly integrated its public and private services through digital networks, modernizing operations across the board and streamlining operation and utilization of services.

A crucial element of a smart city is the application of information and communication technologies (ICT) in the infrastructure that ensure that the community’s development is accelerated in order to provide a vasty improvement in the standards of living and resource efficiency. In short, a smart city is one that successfully integrates modern digital technologies to create intelligent and beneficial life for all its residents.

With these objectives VaaaN has designed various systems to create Smart Cities with a range of varying technologies. The company has been continuously evolving such technologies and by now consolidated its eminent position as a leader in this regard.

Smart City Paradigm

The key stakeholders for VaaaN’s Smart City projects are public service providers such as local governments, municipal authorities, and utility providers, as well as private institutional disseminators participants — apart from, of course, the millions of everyday as well as professional users. VaaaN has therefore designed expansive Smart City platforms for meeting the wide-ranging needs of all such stakeholders. A signifying feature of such platforms is the interconnectivity of different technologies to foster innovation and adaptability.

Range of Integration

VaaaN systems are designed as coordinated management of different types of moving transport on the roads of the specific region, including urban, inner city, intracity traffics besides tunnels and toll plazas. Such systems provide comprehensive management of and access to the control of public and private transport; enforcement of municipal requirements including payment of fees, etc.; surveillance of traffic; among others.

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