Automated Fare Collection SystemFaster transactions. More affordable operations. More efficient collection.

Instant Transaction - Steady Movement - Efficient Collection

One of the strongest features of VaaaN’s Urban Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) is its state-of-the-art Automated Fare Collection System (AFC).

The AFC is a truly smart technology that integrates various elements such as the automatic gate machine, the ticket vending machine and the ticket checking machine to provide users a unique experience of passing through toll plazas without stopping.

Not only does the AFC keep vehicular flow smooth even at peak hours, it also gathers and transmits the toll data to central servers in real time.

There are several advantages to VaaaN’s AFC. Its promise of smooth passage without any delays encourages more and more car users to prefer the toll road as well as payment-based transportation at commercial or residential establishments. It also ensures total transparency and zero leakages in the establishment’s collection.

Key Features
  • Common vehicle distance-based pass systems via Smart Cards/RFID tags
  • Common account-linked pass
  • Common pass for public/private transport systems like bus/ cab/ auto/ metro rail
  • Common embedded system for pass detection/ validity/ balance check
  • GPS-based entry/ exit; traveled distance calculation
  • Centralized system for financial data entry/ reporting
  • POS applications for pass sale/ recharge
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