Bus Rapid Transit SystemA Cost-Effective Solution for Urban Congestion

Killing Two Birds With One Stone: Congestion & Pollution

India’s rapid economic progress has created a vast middle class, with the result that automakers from across the world selling their two-wheelers and four-wheelers in the fastest growing automobile market on the planet. This has, of course, unleashed immense challenges for urban planners in India.

Millions of cars on the roads have meant much greater gridlocks on the roads, losing millions of man-hours of work and productivity due to slow-moving traffic. Damages caused to the road infrastructure are also substantial necessitating quick repairs is. More cars have also increased pollution.

Optimum Solution

VaaaN’s Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) System provides the best 360° solution for reducing traffic jams, increasing vehicular speeds, and substantially slashing pollution.

VaaaN’s BRT is widely acknowledged as a specialized and streamlined bus service enabling cities that use it to optimize their transport resources.

A key feature of VaaaN’s BRT is its use of specially-branded high-capacity buses and the creation of dedicated lanes on the roads for the operation of such buses, thus streamlining road traffic.

With dedicated traffic signal prioritization for them, the buses are never stuck in any traffic jams, providing constant movement to them thus reaching millions of riders to their locations on schedule.

The BRT is also fitted with optical guidance systems as well as off-board ticketing that helps reduce the time take at stops.

  • VaaaN’s BRT is turnkey: including design, operations, growth, planning, strategy
  • Cost-effective and quick to implement
  • Uses existing roads and streets
  • Integrates well with prior transport infrastructure
  • Is easily scalable/modifiable
  • Real-time information provision via integrated vehicle control system
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