Detection & Enforcement System


An integral feature of VaaaN’s traffic and toll management systems is the ability to detect traffic patterns as well as violations, if any, by users, and enforce the prescribed rules. Its Detection and Enforcement Systems are customized for all kinds of traffic management systems: urban, parking and public transportation. As is universally acknowledged, traffic rules, such as those on speed limits and lane driving, must be adhered to strictly as they are crucial to maintaining road safety.

Constant monitoring of traffics as well as enforcement of the rules and laws by the authorities is the bedrock of ensuring that violations are to the minimum.
VaaaN’s ANPR system is best for detecting traffic light violations as well as speed violations. Its other features include:

  • Fallen object detection and alarming system
  • Smoke/ fire detection
  • Accident Detection on road
  • Flood detection road
  • Congestion detection on road
  • Wrong direction detection
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