Vehicle Tracking Management System

VaaaN’s Vehicle Tracking Management (VTM) is a high-tech system providing companies real-time information on the movement of their vehicles within designated areas, both on their premises as also outside it.

This automatic vehicle tracking technology has proved to be especially useful for fleet operations. It also maintains and analyses historical data on vehicular movement down to the exact locations visited, stops, time taken at each event, etc.

The system is based on RFID tagging of each vehicle in operation whose data is then wirelessly networked using GPS technology, feeding into a central server for information processing, monitoring, analysis and response.

Key Features
  • Web-based fleet management
  • Scalable
  • Seamless integration through logistics, dispatch, maintenance
  • Driver training
  • Automatic data reporting
  • Detailed info on start time, task competition and time taken
  • Performance review basis company benchmarks
  • Mileage performance tracking
  • Single map asset locating with satellite view provision
  • Downtime tracking
  • Maintenance scheduling with automatic alerts
  • Instant alerts on over-speeding, idling, sudden braking, etc.
Cloud-based Integration

Web-based software that locates data and its analysis on cloud provides substantial savings for businesses both in software and hardware costs. Importantly, the VTM also provides for cloud integration with other enterprise systems for payroll and inventory.

Clients using VaaaN’s VTM can also make use of its cloud integration to overlay custom maps and securely share with commercial partners part or whole of the route view.

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