Best solution for weight-based tolling for BOT

OMT Increased revenue with superior accuracy of 99.5%

Integrated with the toll systems, smartWeigh® weighs axle weights of both stationary and moving vehicles. It helps maximize revenue by instantly weighing overloaded vehicles. For moving vehicles, which is the dynamic mode, all axle and gross weight are measured as the vehicle passes over the weighing platform at a speed of 0-50 km/h. In the stationary, or static, mode the vehicle’s axle is placed on the weighing platform for the measurement. The results can also be printed with date, time, number plate, and the vehicle’s axle and gross weights.

The Unique Features of smartWeigh®

  • High Accuracy (0.5% error margin @ 5km/hr)
  • Per-Axle capacity of 40 tons
  • 400% Overload Capacity Detection
  • Heavy Robust Built – 2.2 Tons Scale Weight
  • State-of-the-art European Robotic Manufacturing
  • India Specific Build & Design
  • Unique I-Shaped Design with Load Cells in Traffic Islands
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