Integrated Surveillance & Monitoring

City administrations across the world are constantly looking for smarter surveillance and monitoring infrastructural grids at yet lower costs of operation. Cities now compete with each other in offering the most technologically advanced secure environment for individuals and businesses alike to attract the best talent to take advantage of their services and choose to locate themselves and their businesses in.

VaaaN’s Integrated Surveillance and Monitoring(ISM) is part of the Toll Solutions and the ATMS deployments. With continuous security and surveillance concerns in Urban environment VaaaN’s ISM is aptly suited for Smart City Surveillance.

The salient features for the ISM are:

  • Un-Interrupted Recording and Efficient Data Mining
  • Video Incident Detection Systems
    • Fire and Smoke
    • Low visibility due to Smog/Fog
    • Wrong Parking of Vehicle
    • Unidentified Objects
    • Congestion and Crowd detection
    • Infrastructure Monitoring includes, Roads Monitoring, Cleanliness, Water logging
    • Face Recognition Systems
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