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VaaaN’s Parking Management System (PMS) is designed as an advanced technology offering automatic management of every type of vehicle parking establishment. Its expertise includes managing entries, exits, traffic flow and guidance system that helps users find parking quickly.

Key Features

  • Automated Access Control

    VaaaN’s PMS has automated every part of the process, including entry ticket dispenser at automated gates with boom barriers; decentralized payment collection or payment at exit; exit ticket reader; etc.

  • Breach Proof Security

    RFID-based entry/exit, under-vehicle scan.

  • Automated Payment

    Duration-based as well as vehicle size-based automatic fee deduction; customer assignation as prepaid/post-paid; excluding management-issued passes; zero conflict on parking hours; over-time detection and charge; etc.

  • Data Analysis

    VaaaN’s PMS auto-generates commercial reports of parking establishment for analysis by day, week, month and year.

  • Vehicle Count

    Non-intrusive sight-based counting of user vehicles providing real-time info on number of vehicles parked at each level.

  • Digital Slot Info

    Display panels denoting in real time number of vacant slots and guidance to nearest vacant slot.

  • Eagle Eye

    24x7 video camera surveillance.

Key Benefits

  • Reduced operating cost
  • Quick ROI
  • User convenience
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