Under Vehicle Surveillance

No security system is complete without the ability to scan the area underneath the millions of vehicles entering and exiting high-risk areas every day.

Most public establishments in Indiawith a steady stream of vehicular traffic entering and exiting, such as malls and large office buildings, operate on a primitive and highly ineffective system of handheld reflective mirrors shoved briefly under a car. Besides being clumsy, this also slows down vehicular movement, causing delays.

VaaaN’s Under Vehicle Surveillance (UVS) System is the perfect solution for user establishments that need to thoroughly check under dozens or hundreds of vehicles every day without slowing down vehicular passage and losing man hours.

Assured Security with Instant Results

VaaaN’s UVS is a fully automated system that does instantaneous inspection of vehicle undercarriage using digital line and area scanning technologies and triggers an alarm if its scan detects doubtful elements, including explosive devices.

It can be fixed permanently into the ground to inspect vehicles passing above, or it can be mounted on a mobile unit to be used manually or robotically at flexible locations.


  • High-resolution image quality (both photo & video modes available)
  • Adaptable to vehicles of varying lengths
  • Integration with enterprise networks for driver ID, vehicle ID, CCTV, etc.
  • Network intelligence to integrate with Smart City systems
  • Tough cameras with robust in-ground placement with break proof casing
  • Capable of sustaining high tonnage weight
  • Suitable for harsh environment and all-weather conditions
  • Wireless integration for real-time video transmission
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