VaaaN’s Journey


VaaaN’s HISTORY - Journey Towards Excellence

Through the decades of change that the world has witnessed, VaaaN has continually focussed on driving and maintaining excellence in operations. This has found expression in a relentless drive for excellence in process, product and people; a culture of continuous improvement; and a spirit of innovation that has helped us sustain growth through turbulent times.

  • Inception of VaaaN

    Since its inception, VaaaN is committed to values such as Integrity, Respect and Efficiency.

  • Development of State of the Art solutions for Highway ITS

    # Smart Weigh - Weigh in Motion System

    # tollMax - Toll Management System

  • Execution of Advanced Traffic Management System

    VaaaN won its first Advanced Traffic Management System with a project length of 176 Kms

  • VaaaN takes a Giant Leap Pan India

    # Awarded the implementation of phase I of Electronic Toll Collection system on PAN India basis

    # Awarded the PAN India project for Traffic Surveys

  • Introduction of Urban Traffic Management System

    VaaaN developed solution for Urban Traffic Management System It includes:-

    # Security & Surveillance System

    # Smart Parking

  • Introduction of Intelligent Transportation Systems

    VaaaN developed state of the art solution for Transit Management & Smart City ITS

  • Implementation of India's First Hybrit TMS

    # Implemented India’s First Hybrid ETC system on Kaithal Rajasthan Expressway

    # VaaaN was awarded the implementation of phase II of Electronic Toll Collection system on PAN India basis

    # Awarded deployment & maintenance of Toll Management System on Longest Expressway of India

  • ATMS System Implemented on Widest Expressway of India
  • Global Footprints

    # Implemented state of the art Toll Management System in Lagos, Nigeria

    # POC of Multi Lane Free Flow System in Jakarta, Indonesia