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India’s # 1 Intelligent Transportation Solutions & Systems Integration Company

Innovative SolutionsVaaaN provides latest innovative solutions to optimize the movement of vehicles over transport networks.


Seen from an economic perspective, mobility in the form of a functioning transportation system is a vital part of our infrastructure.

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Urban mobility management is faced with the difficult task of coordinating different, sometimes contradictory, interests in smart city concepts.

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Smart networking opens up entirely new options for urban traffic management.

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Soaring Growth

Launched in 2011, VaaaN Infra has clocked the fastest growth of all Indian companies in its market segment. Its book order has already crossed USD 35 million by 2018 and is counting.

Crowning Glory

USD 10.5 million project from National Highways Authority of India (NHAI) to install RFID-based Electronic Toll Collection (ETC) at over 80 BOT Toll Plazas across India.

Champion Spirit

“Best ATMS Project Award” from NHAI for installation of Advance Traffic Management Systems (ATMS) on the Nagpur-Betul Highway that connects Madhya Pradesh and Maharashtra.

True Asset

Its team of more than 250 versatile world-class professionals has made VaaaN Infra a leading and preferred supplier of ITS solutions across South Asia in a short span of time.

Our Products

The product design philosophy is based on cornerstones of creating high product configurability, yet robust design.

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Automatic Barrier Gates

The product design philosophy is based on cornerstones of creating high product configurability, yet robust design.

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Toll Lane Controller

Integrated & Automated Toll Collection System designed for the Indian market & can be customized to suit global tolling needs.

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Automatic Vehicle Classifier

The system uses a arrangement of infrared laser scanners for the detection and classification of vehicles and most cost effective solution.

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Projects, implemented so far...

ETC Projects

For toll collection in free-flowing traffic, we apply a variety of technologies and combine them into smart systems.

TMS Projects

More than 40 different toll management systems delivered.

ATMS Projects

The ATMS is a highly effective way to clearly deliver critical information to passing motorists. This allows traffic management centre personnel a powerful tool to improve traffic flows on busy roads.


“We have been Extremely pleased with the services of VaaaN Infra and would thoroughly recommend them for their high ongoing levels of customer satisfaction. We made the right decision in trusting them for automated Toll Collection System and Weigh-In-Motion Systems. Our best wishes for their upcoming opportunities.”

Pankaj Tomar
Vice President , Galfar Engineering & Contracting (India) Pvt. Ltd.