NETC - Issuer & Acquirer Bank Solution

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NETC - Issuer & Acquirer Bank Solution

NETC - Issuer & Acquirer Bank Solution

NETC - Issuer & Acquirer Bank Solution

ETC Global Clearing and settlement system support web user interface as well as file based transfer mechanism. This System is designed to process, clear and settle the transactions passing through NETC System and support dispute resolution process.

There are three types of solutions to make the NETC project operational

  • Toll Plaza ETC solution
  • Acquirer Bank Solution
  • Issuer Bank Solution

VaaaN have developed all three software solution in house and currently operating 129 toll projects with our own software.

Toll Plaza ETC Solution

Toll Plaza ETC system is a combination of several hardware and software components installed at different locations at a toll plaza and its CCH component may be at a geographically separated location. Physically the entire system can be divided in three separate layers - the lane layer, the plaza layer and the CCH layer. All these three layers communicate each other through standard protocols using the physical network or the Internet.

There will be two dedicated ETC lanes, one in each direction in the toll plaza, each ETC lane having its own invalid tag ejection system and its own vehicle guidance system. The software system, however, is capable of managing n-number of ETC lanes in a toll plaza.

Issuer Bank Solution

  • Integration of Issuing Host system with the NETC System.
  • Management the various exception list defined in the NETC Mapper.
  • Register the tag holder onto the NETC Mapper.
  • Processing online transactions request received from NETC System and validate the digital signature
  • Reimburse the acquirer bank for payment transactions.

Acquirer Bank Solution

  • To integrate with Toll Plaza System and NETC System.
  • Integration with Plaza system software
  • To process payment transactions and to pay the toll plaza operators for the processed transactions.
  • Transmit the completed transaction records to the issuer bank in order to obtain the settlement within defined TAT.
  • To send all the transactions which are executed at the lane controller to NETC system i.e. successful, fail, decline etc.
  • Manage the business rules relating to toll fare calculation and share the exception list, Local exemption list (discount file list) with toll plazas.
  • Provide support and helpdesk to Toll plaza operator.